BFF Technical Fabrics

Who we are:

We've always kept this on the Q.T., but we're pretty good at what we do.

To tell the truth, we're very, very good. In fact we're no 1 in the industry.

Which apparently makes us the best, bespoke technical fabrics manufacturer in the world.

And that's a fact. Wow!

We've never shouted about it too much.

We always wanted our great products to speak for us – And they have.

Because we create the highest quality technical fabrics and consistently deliver for our clients, we've had everyone from the largest global brands, to small independent companies knock on the door asking for our help

Why we care:

A few years ago, one of our competitors (we won't say who) said to us,

"Hey, how come your products are always the best on the market? How do you get your customers to stay so loyal?

And how come your staff hardly ever leave?"

After thinking for a minute, we told him ... WE CARE.

There. We said it. Gave away our secret. Let the cat out of the bag.

Caring is what makes us great at what we do. It's also why we're the best (In fact we're no 1 in the industry).

Because here's the thing –we care way too much to make fabrics that are only good.

Anyone can do 'good'. And for us, good's just not good enough.

We want all our products to be great. And caring is what makes us great. It's what makes us no.1 Because our customers care that we care.

We're small enough to care…big enough to deliver.

So if you want to know more about us, then please get in touch by ringing +44 (0) 1278 428 500, faxing +44 (0) 1278 429 499 or emailing

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